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Get a Free Quote! You'll quickly get an initial estimate of how much money you'll get and walk through our easy loan process. You will ship your item for free or drop it off in person and our evaluators will inspect your asset and notify you of a final offer.
The following types of items are accepted:
  • Coins/Currency
  • Designer Shoes
  • Designer Clothes
  • Jewelry
  • High-end Watches
  • Luxury Accessories
  • Newer Electronics
  • Other Items

Borrow Money on Your Valuables Without Having to Sell Them

If you think you might miss your special something or it has sentimental value, you can get your valuables back after you pay off your collateral loan.

Get Up to $10,000 Without Credit Checks or a Lengthy Applications

Our quick application process does not require any financial disclosures and Gold Elite does not work with credit bureaus. Getting a loan with Gold Elite will never hurt your credit.

Extend Your Loan Period Without Penalty

We work with you on repayment plans, not against you. Gold Elite has no minimum or maximum loan periods. Our goal is to serve as your community bank.

At Gold Elite, we are completely transparent and upfront with all costs. The monthly rate for your item is determined by your loan amount. When you pawn an item with us, you will never encounter hidden fees or extra charges.


Gold Elite

  • $100-$100,000 Loans
  • Pay Monthly OR in 6-24 Month Terms
  • Free Shipping, Storage, & Insurance
  • Interest Payments are from 5% - 20& Monthly

Your Average Local Pawn Shop

  • $70-$150 Loans
  • 30 Day Loan Period
  • Shipping, Storage & Service Charge Fees

Our Best Offer Guarantee

Gold Elite beats the competition! We guarantee that you'll get 10% more from us than any licensed or accredited pawn broker. Learn more about Our Best Offer Guarantee!

We understand that there is a significant issue of trust involved in shipping your valuables to us. That's why Gold Elite works with the highest quality of shipment and insurance providers in the world. You can be rest-assured that your valuable will be handled with utmost care from the time it leaves your possession to its return.


Your Item is Completely Insured From the Moment it Leaves Your Possession To its Return

Free Overnight FedEx Express Delivery. Each individual shipment is insured up to the value of $100,000

Free Two Day FedEx Express Delivery. Each individual shipment is insured up to the value of $100,000

Storage Insurance Coverage. 125% of Your Item's Loan Value

Free FedEx Return Delivery. Each individual shipment is insured up to the value of $100,000

Gold Elite's loan repayment process is specifically designed to meet your financial needs. You choose your repayment plan and the length of your loan term. If you happen to request a loan period and end up paying your loan off early, you will only be charged for the amount of time your loan was in pawn.

Get Cashflow as Often as You Need It

Instead of selling an item to get a one time lump sum of cash, you get the opportunity to get cashflow as often as you want for one item.

Get More Money than Any Other Online Retailer

Resale values fluctuate often, depending upon current market demand and precious metal spot prices. Collateralized loan offers are more consistent than resale offers, allowing you to get more money for your asset.